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Athena Consultants

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Athena is on a mission to becoming the leading outsourced Marketing Company in Houston. We provide all of our clients with a vision and the personalized solutions they are looking for and even better, we deliver on it!

Our Top 3 Focuses: 

Pursue constant innovation and challenges.

Continuous improvement and adaptability for both clients and employees.

Genuine customer experiences, satisfaction, and maintained relationships.

Our Story

Get to Know Us

The journey in marketing has always been the foundation behind all great companies and we at Athena Consultants are no different. Expanding and growing while providing the most direct, professional and effective representation of our clients on a consistent basis. 

We deliver campaigns based on the unique needs of our clients and adapt to their goals and visions.

We found that brands wanted to interact with their consumers on a personal level not just a star rating or a like on social media. We wanted to create something that was the solution, the bridge between advertising and actual users or new customers! With new social media companies launching all the time – we aimed to be different.

Our teams are handpicked from the millions, and we take good care of them. After all, they not only represent our client’s brands – they are the difference between a brand that just talks and a brand that connects on a human level.

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