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Scroll down to find any open positions that we are looking to fill. If you think you'd be a good fit for the role, then send in your resume! 

Marketing Associate

We are looking for a Marketing Associate to expand with for our marketing and event activities.

For this role, you should understand the basics of marketing and be willing to learn and explore different ways to analyze market research and customers’ behavior.


Ultimately, the goal is to be developed and trained to help us achieve our business goals through building strong marketing campaigns and expansion.



  • Participate in daily Events in different communities.

  • Manage daily back-end tasks to ensure the Marketing Events runs smoothly and efficiently.

  • Carrying out market research to identify new opportunities for our clients.

  • Handle brand awareness, clients are to be given individual representation aligned with their requirements and goals.

  • Ability to travel Participate in management training and development workshops.

  • Establishing positive, supportive relationships with the community and providing feedback to senior management.

  • Effectively promote our clientele’s focus to prospective donors.



  • Bachelor’s or associate degree (Preferred)

  • Customer Service experience

  • Eager to learn - you are the type of person to brings in new ideas and keeps the company curious.

  • Strong communication skill

  • Goal oriented attitude

  • Prompt and dependable 

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